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Work experience is something many of us have to do at school, and is sometimes seen as a bit of a chore. But, having been lucky enough to do my work experience at the Rainbow Centre, I can see how valuable it is.

I started off my week attending one of the parent and child sessions. I was feeling pretty nervous to be honest, but there was no need. The children’s session was an absolute joy to attend – I was able to help set it up and take some pictures throughout, but also just observe the Conductors at work and see how the little ones’ confidence increased even in that one session.  

I spent the latter part of the day in the fundraising department coming up with new ideas for events they could have to raise money. I also got to do some research into improving staff wellbeing, looking at case studies from other companies and mind-mapping ideas.

On Tuesday morning I got to continue with my research into wellbeing, but also look into some sponsorship opportunities for the charity. It was great to learn about the business side as well as the sessions themselves, so I got more of an idea of how the charity is run. I then got to attend an adult’s session, which was brilliant – I was invited to join in at some points, and got to chat to the participants at the end. Everyone was so friendly, and one participant talked to me about how much the Rainbow Centre has helped them, which was so wonderful to hear.

On Wednesday I went to the Fareham charity shop. I was shown how to use the till, sort through + prepare donations, and price items. The manager was so lovely, as were the customers. When it was on the quieter side, I had a chance to speak to members of the local community, and see why they enjoy shopping there. It’s a more sustainable option than getting new clothes all the time, and it helps support a charity? Win-win.

Thursday was a particularly eventful day – I started off sitting in on a meeting, before heading back to fundraising to collate the information of some potential sponsors. In the afternoon, I attended a presentation to a local group about the charity and what they do at the Rainbow Centre. They were all very interested, and one attendee had even volunteered at the Rainbow Centre a few years ago! Plus, another person there shared a personal story of someone they had known who benefitted from attending the centre, which really showed me the positive impact of the charity on people’s lives.

Last but not least, Friday – last day in the office! First off, a very (very!) early start, with a networking event. It was really interesting to speak to people from different businesses and organisations, and learn more about the marketing and networking elements of the job. Then, back to the fundraising department – not just to finish off some research but also to write this blog! I also made some rocky road the night before to put out in the kitchen, which went down well!! Finally, I said goodbye to everyone before heading off at the end of the day. All in all, a lovely end to a lovely week. 

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to a family fun day in Bishop’s Waltham, where there’ll be a stall for the Rainbow Centre. But for now, I’d like to take the opportunity to say how grateful I am for this amazing opportunity. The week has flown past, and I’m sad to be leaving; safe to say I’ll be volunteering here if I’m ever staying in the area! I’ve loved how varied each day has been, and every aspect of my week has reinforced my belief that the Rainbow Centre is a truly amazing charity. All the staff are hardworking and caring, from the fundraising team to the conductors to those who work in the shop (I haven’t been asked to say this, promise!). I’ve gained skills that will be valuable in the workplace, but also a new appreciation for the incredible support they offer here.  


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