Fin 4

Fin - 7 years of Conductive Education

Fin was quickly welcomed into the world in May 2011 taking just 12 minutes and weighing only 3lbs 7oz. Fin needed oxygen for the first three hours before being able to breathe for himself. He then went on to spend the next four months in hospital; at 4 months old Fin was able to go home to be with his family. At 12 months old Mum realised that Finley was not reaching his milestones and received help from a physiotherapist and occupational therapist. Fin was later diagnosed with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy.

Not knowing where to turn or how to fully help Fin, Mum found The Rainbow Centre. Fin started attending with Mum in November 2014 at age 2 in our Early Intervention group. When Fin first arrived, he was unable to crawl, used rolling as his main way of transferring and he could not weight bear on his whole foot, tip toeing when standing with maximum manual facilitation. Fin attended twice a week, making friends for life and enjoying his sessions.

Throughout Fin’s 7 years at The Rainbow Centre, he has developed massively, learning how to use his Kaye walker, how to weight bear on his feet and how to effectively use his body to transfer in meaningful ways. Fin strives to be independent, and with his “can-do” attitude he thrives in all areas of development. 

Fin is now 10 years old, is in our Friday Group and loves attending The Rainbow Centre. Fin has said “At the Rainbow Centre I am able to do my stretches to help me walk. I have made new friends and am learning in an interactive way”. Fin has such a great character and attitude towards learning. He loves speaking in a Scottish accent and enjoys listening to Bob Marley. During the sessions Fin joins in with the rhythmical intention and encourages the younger children, cheering them on and praising throughout the day.

Mum has kindly said: “I felt absolutely heartbroken when he was diagnosed with CP altered muscle tone and the fact that we were told he would never be able to walk by his physio. The Rainbow Centre was recommended to me via our portage lady although she wasn’t supposed to, as she worked for Hampshire County council. I was over the moon when they said they’d work to get Fin on his feet and become independent. We love the Rainbow, it’s our positive place, where they actually make miracles happen. The change in Fin over the years is amazing. He can achieve so much by himself and continues to grow every day, making new friends and becoming confident in what he does. And doing more and more by himself which obviously makes our family life so much more enjoyable, less stressful and less tiring! We will be forever grateful to the Rainbow for all they’ve taught Fin and continue to teach him as he grows. We have so much appreciation and love for all you guys. You all do an amazing job”