Rainbow Centre Receives Egg-Stra Special Support From Local Businesses

The week before Easter Bank Holiday Weekend was Egg-stremely busy at the Rainbow Centre with visits from the Easter Bunny. On Tuesday Angela and Rebecca from A G Stapleford & Sons in Portchester www.dignityfunerals.co.uk assisted him by bringing 104 Easter Eggs to distribute to our children and adults and their families.

The weather was kind to us, and we managed to get out in the back garden to take some pictures. It was Angela and Rebecca’s first visit to the Rainbow Centre and they were touched to see the amazing work we do here in progress. Both of them were very grateful to have been given the opportunity to get involved and left with big smiles on their faces knowing they had been able to make a difference.

Wednesday, we had another visit from the Easter Bunny, this time he was assisted by Donna Abbott from Taylor Wimpey, www.taylorwimpey.co.uk. Donna had contacted us the week before to see if we would like some of the eggs that they had been collecting. 

When Donna arrived, her car was full of Malteser Easter Eggs and the rain was pouring down. We all mucked in to assist her and they were soon piled up ready for another photo opportunity. Donna has lived in our area all her life and had never had the opportunity to visit the Centre before. We spent time showing her around and explaining all about Conductive Education and who can benefit from it. Donna was moved to tears and went away determined to see how Taylor Wimpey can help us again in the future.

Thursday saw another influx of Eggs, this time Claire Thoroughgood from Lewmar in Havant www.lewmar.com assisted the Easter Bunny. Lewmar had been collecting eggs and wanted them to go to a charity that helped children, Claire had contacted us earlier that week and so we invited her in to see what we do. 

Before visiting us, Claire was completely unaware of the purpose of the Centre. She had stumbled across us by searching the net and just given us a call. Needless to say, she was very glad that she did. Claire really enjoyed her visit and willingly offered the services of her colleagues to help with repairing and painting the children’s play area and was keen to go back to the office to discuss other ways they can help us.

Later that day Paul Dique and his colleague Sarah from SSCL Welcome to SSCL and MOD Staff at Centurion Building HMS Sultan dropped by with some more eggs! Paul and his team have been regular supporters of the Rainbow Centre for many years and are always happy to bring some extra joy to our centre users. Although they have previously had the opportunity to look around it was good to refresh their memory and for them to see how we continue to strive to create and encourage a better sense of independence for all our Rainbow Families.

We are so very grateful to all of you for thinking of us and for making such a difference to all our Families, not only did every single one of our children and adults go home with an Easter Egg, their brothers and sisters, and the adults partners all went home with an egg as well. None of them were left out and it definitely made every single one of them smile.

This joy will be continued within our community as any eggs that have been left over will be distributed to our local foodbanks. Thank you to each and everyone of you who purchased and donated an egg this Easter.

Angela and Rebecca from A G Stapleford & Sons in Portchester