Trusts and Foundations

Providing vital support

Over the past year, the support of charitable trusts and foundations has helped The Rainbow Centre improve the lives of 119 children and adults with neurological conditions.

We are grateful for the vital support provided by over 35 trusts and foundations a year. Grants of any size are greatly valued, whether one off or multi-year, restricted to specific projects or towards core running costs.

If your charitable trust might be interested in supporting The Rainbow Centre or if you would like any further information regarding projects requiring funding, please contact

Reporting and visits

During the life of any grant we keep you fully updated on the progress of the project you are supporting and The Centre as a whole, unless specifically requested not to. This could include reporting in a particular format that you specify, in order to best fit your charitable trust’s needs in terms of monitoring.

Additionally, we are more than happy to accommodate any recognition requirements you may have and would be pleased to discuss how these
would best be met.

Visits to The Centre are always very welcome at any stage of a grant life either prior, during or even after a grant. We would be delighted to show you first-hand the very real benefits of your support. This is a great opportunity to see our team, our facilities and to observe Conductive Education in practice.

Trusts and foundations currently supporting The Rainbow Centre include:

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